Tuesday, October 31, 2017

All Done, and Moving On

Our six days of building is complete, and our team is going in separate ways.  After one more day in La Paz, I move on to Chile.  But others are staying in Bolivia and a number are going to the Salt Flats, where they'll stay in 'Salt Hotels'.  I didn't even know about that!  As with all of these trips, we leave feeling great satisfaction, exhaustion and camaraderie, and SO thankful for all we have, and the lives we live. 

The houses we worked on are larger and nicer than most of my other 'builds'.  They're three bedroom and about 750 square feet, and they have plumbing, electricity, tile kitchens and baths, and finished plaster interior walls.

While we didn't have much interaction with the homeowners, we did enjoy being with the contractors, and some of their spouses and children.  And I even spoke with some sheep each day.  Baaaa  .  .  . 


Patti Pietschmann said...

Glenn what a job, the homes look fantastic. Safe travels onward. Love, Patti

Maria said...

Great job Glenn, Congrats. Those kids are beyond cute! xomaria