Sunday, October 29, 2017

Lake Titicaca

OK, yes, the name is fun to say. Titicaca!  It’s the largest high altitude lake in the world with boats on it, and it serves as part of the border for Bolivia and Peru. During our two-day break from work, we stayed in the lakeside village of Copacabana.  It has the same name as the famous Rio de Janeiro beach, but the resemblance ends there.  For an excursion, we traveled by boat to Isla del Sol, an island in the lake where no vehicles are allowed, so all transport is by foot, water or donkey.  I knew that we’d be walking and hiking there, but I didn’t know that it would be on ancient Inca steps and trails, and that we’d see a temple and stone walls and terraces similar to those at Machu Picchu.  It was a four-hour trip by bus and ferry to Copacabana, but it felt a world away from the frenzied, teeming mass of humanity in La Paz.

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Maria said...


Looks amazing. What a cutie leading that llama on the trail! xomaria