Saturday, January 9, 2016

We're at Sea

We’re about half-way into our two-day crossing of the Drake Passage, known to be one of the roughest stretches of ocean in the world.  And we’re very much relieved to be in what they’re referring to as ‘mild’ conditions.  Some fellow passengers are cabin-bound and ill, and we’re all unsteady despite temporary rope ‘handrails’ in the hallways that help us to balance.  But Joel and I are doing fine, without even taking any medication.  Ushuaia, our departure point, reminded us of Alaska, with a ‘working town’ atmosphere and surrounding snow-covered peaks. 

If you’re seeing this, it looks like I’ll have a shot at making blog postings along the way.  But they may be brief and sporadic, with intermittent internet availability, and photos   slow to load.  I’ll definitely try to send you a penguin or two when I can  .  .  .

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Patti Pietschmann said...

Wow glad you guys aren't sick, doesn't sound like the Diva's kind of trip but I know you are loving it. Enjoy.