Saturday, October 3, 2015

Look at Us Go

How do 12 people build a 250-square-foot house?  We divide and conquer!  There’s the bending and tying of reinforcing steel, and the digging of a septic pit and well (my specialty).  We also mix mortar and concrete, and help build the block walls.  That’s our fun, unflappable leader Pagely on the shovel.  Our homeowners-to-be deliver coffee and tea at breaks and a delicious buffet lunch every day.  And we can’t help but feel a bit like rock stars in our transport convoy of three black ‘micro mini’ vans; the roads are way too narrow for a bus.  We don’t speak the language of the locals, but that’s OK.  We communicate constantly with smiles and laughter.  And the best smiles of all come from the four beautiful people who will soon have a new home.

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Maria said...


You are an inspiration! Your Balinese family have the most beautiful smiles. I love Bali, such gracious and kind people.

Keep the posts coming!

Much Love,