Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ready, Set, Go

Our team has assembled; we're in place, and we're ready to go.  We're 12-strong, with eight women and four men ranging from 28 to 61 (me) in age.  Nine are from the San Francisco Bay Area, and we have one each from Toronto, Portland and Newport Beach.  And we're already having a blast.

All is set for us to pour the foundation tomorrow, and to go up from there, building walls of concrete block.  We'll go down a bit, too, digging a 6-foot-deep septic pit.  Putu and Komang -- our homeowner couple -- work as farmers, tending their fields of hydrangea flowers.   They were very happy and welcoming when we visited today, and they'll be working alongside us during the build.  They're anxious to leave their rental house, with its dirt floor and leaky roof, to move into a new home built on family property.  And we're all set to help make that dream a reality!

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Patti Pietschmann said...

Glenn you are having the experiences of a lifetime, wonderful reporting, and Preet is having a March baby hope it's a Pisces like your good friend moi. Enjoy and safe and happy journies. xxo