Saturday, October 21, 2017

Sucre, Bolivia: 9,000 Feet and Climbing

I'm in Bolivia, the poorest country in South America, to help build houses for families in need.  It's not with Habitat for Humanity this time, but with The Fuller Center, another Georgia-based organization that has the same basic mission.  Most of the 13 members of our team know each other from previous 'builds'.  And we've started off as tourists in Sucre, the country's Colonial capital.  We're here early to 'acclimate' at 9,000 feet; we'll be building at 13,000 feet in El Alto, near the city of La Paz. We're doing a lot of walking, and many of us are taking the prescription medication Diamox. I'm particularly enjoying seeing the beautiful white-washed colonial architecture, and all of the brilliant color.  I'm even bringing some color home, in the form of of small wall hanging done by an eight-year-old student.  My purchase will help fund a program to encourage the continuation of indigenous culture. And looking at it makes me happy, too!

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Maria said...

Beautiful images Glenn. You have quite an eye for photography.

Have fun! xomaria