Monday, September 25, 2017

Hiking, Walking, Boats and Trains in Cinque Terre

Just two days out, our 'team' of 19 is extremely compatible, and a lot of fun.  I’m the only ‘single’ in the group, and six of the couples attend the same Charlotte, North Carolina church.  But everyone makes me feel very included, and even sort of popular!

The main attraction, so far, has been the Cinque Terre, five villages in a six-mile span of the Italian coast that were isolated until relatively recently, accessible only by the same walking and hiking, boats and trains that we’re using to explore them today.  And, despite their close proximity -- within sight of each other -- every one had its own unique culture and dialect.  We really are doing some hiking, not just walking, including ‘technical’ terrain of beautiful black marble facings and steps.  Then half-way through the afternoon, we’ll happen on our own private ‘snack station’ including everything from M&Ms and popcorn to soft drinks and beer.  And truly sumptuous lunches and dinners include freshly sourced and prepared seafood and pesto pasta, the local specialties.  And, of course, wine.  This is Italy! 

The scenery is absolutely stunning, with quaint fishing harbors; colorful buildings that rise up in crevices and perch atop rock cliffs, and terraced vineyards and orchards.  And they’re all set against a blue, blue sky.


Spencer Strauss said...

Glenn, as ever, the descriptions of your adventures are fantastic. Makes me wish I was riding in the van right behind you.

Funny tidbit: when this latest blog post came through on my iPhone the description on the front page of my mail app said, "Just two days out, team of 19 is extremely compatible, and a lot of fun. I'm the only sing." And I thought to myself, 'isn't that great, Glenn is singing out loud while hiking!" .. I wouldn't put it past you!

maria said...

Glenn......what a great way to spend your Fall season. Beautiful views including the group photo. What a nice looking group!

Safe travels.xo

James Irving said...

Looks beautiful Glenn! Love the pictures of the city! Great group to explore with!