Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A Picnic in Portofino

We hiked through five miles of Parc Portofino, a National Park here.  And we 'happened upon' a perfect picnic.  This is my first trip with Backroads, and they definitely know how to exceed expectations! Then we ventured on to to the small harbor town that is the gem of the Italian Riviera, and a favorite destination for monied travelers and mega yachts.  I visited Portofino 15 years ago on 'shore leave' from a Windstar Cruise, and remembered it to be as idyllic and picture perfect as anywhere I'd been.  And it still is  .  .  .


Deborah Mueller said...

Glenn, Your team of 18 sounds great. Since you are "popular" with the group, you probably don't need my offer to be your plus 1...or even plus 4!! The trip looks amazing. We are enjoying the photos and commentary. Enjoy!

Maria said...

Wow Glenn, what a gorgeous day and a beautiful picnic. Great reward for a 5mile hike! xo