Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Team Orange

We are the orange of the species here in Antarctica.  Expedition ‘colors’ are more traditionally red or blue, always a bright color to stand out against the white.  But National Geographic/Lindblad issued us each an orange parka, which is ours to keep.  The jackets are a special edition in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of  Ernest Shackleton’s famous adventure, and the color orange was used by Lars Lindblad when he brought the first tourists ever to Antarctica in 1966.

We have one or two activities every day, including landings with walks and hikes, Zodiac cruises and kayaking.  Team Orange includes 148 passengers/adventurers.  And with 10 naturalists; two photo experts, two underwater specialists and two PhD whale scientists aboard, they always have something for us to see.

Since we’re not far past the longest day of the year in the Antarctic Summer, we’re experiencing about 19.5 hours of daylight.  Temperatures have ranged from 26 degrees (less with wind chill) to the mid-30s.  And there has been wind of up to 35 knots.  We had an optional ‘Polar Plunge’ where participants jumped into 34 degree water in swimsuits.  Vodka shots were the reward, and I got mine.


Maria said...

Stunning photos! You are a good sport Glenn, enjoy that vodka! xomaria

Patti Pietschmann said...

Love the London photos, keep on enjoying Glen. xo