Monday, October 12, 2015

New Delhi with Sonu and Preet

Most of you have met Sonu, through the blog or even in-person.  He was my driver for my first trip to India in 2010, and we became instant friends.  This is now my fourth time here, and he visited me in the U.S. last year.   Yesterday I met his wife Preet, whom he married in 2013.  And she’s so stunning and lovely.  While Sonu had lived in Delhi before returning to be in the village where his family farms, Preet has never spent time in the big modern city.  So they’ve joined me here for two nights.

Preet understands more English than she speaks.  And there is so much new for her here:  a hotel, elevators, high floors and a swimming pool  .  .  .  the metro (subway), India Gate, and other landmarks of the city  .  .  .  not to mention Starbuck’s and banana splits.

I’ve visited Sikh Gurudwaras (temples) with Sonu before, but we changed-it-up this time.  When Sonu was in the U.S., a favorite experience was when we happened onto Mass at Mission Santa Barbara.  He was particularly moved by the music, saying ‘it sounds like paradise to me’.  So after a day of sightseeing and shopping, the three of us attended a Mass here at a Catholic Cathedral near the hotel.  Sonu and I agree that anywhere people come together in peace and to give thanks is a great place to be!

I’m having such a rich experience with these two.  The wonderful news is that Preet is pregnant, and due in March.  It will no doubt be a beautiful child, and – despite their cultural tradition that favors male babies – they’re both hoping for a girl  .  .  .

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