Friday, October 9, 2015

A Roof, A Toilet, A Home

It takes 1,300 blocks to build one of these small houses, and we lifted, moved and placed the majority of them.  We weren't expected to complete the project, and it's 60 to 70 percent done.  We leave it with tanks for septic and water, and strong, tall walls.  It will get a sound roof and an all-important toilet soon, two very basic things this family was without.  And then it will be a home.

We celebrated with decorations and cakes.  I broke-out balloons and a Frisbee, and Laura brought crayons and coloring books, and that all made it a party.  Then it was time to say goodbye to our Habitat 'guides',  to our construction 'supervisors' and to this beautiful family.  We were told that Komang is pregnant, so there will be five who will call this little house their home.  And it was goodbye again as our team of 12 dispersed.  But we know we'll all be in touch, as we had an absolute blast together, and now have a very powerful bond.

For me, it's on to my second adventure.  I'm headed to New Delhi, India, to visit my good friend Sonu.  I'll meet his wife Preet and stay with them in their village.  And Sonu and I will fly south to explore the city of Mumbai.  So, see you here again soon  .  .  .

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Maria said...

Glenn.....Must be so satisfying to know that because of all your collective efforts and hard work, you are leaving behind a home to shelter a beautiful family with a new baby on the way! Wow.

Safe travels going forward, have a wonderful time, you deserve it! xomaria