Saturday, February 8, 2014

Snapshots: India

It's time to say goodbye to India, which is hard to do.  The forts and palaces and temples were amazing.  But my favorite memories of India are always of the people we see as we pass through villages along way, and I take photos through the car window, or get out and walk.  There is so much color, and such wonderful spirit.  Life is so very hard for these people, but they find ways to smile and celebrate it.

Saying goodbye to Sonu is harder still.  This is the third goodbye for us,  and always before we've had a plan for my return.  No definite itinerary this time, but we discussed a number of options.  And, we vowed a promise:  one way or another, within two years, we will share an adventure again.


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Maria said...

Beautiful Glenn. What lovely colorful photos! Sounds like you have
made a lifelong friend.

Big hugs,