Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Back to Phuket

I've wanted to return to Phuket, Thailand, ever since I visited here six years ago, so I'm back!  This time I'm accompanied by friends Allison and Eva.  They flew from New York and we met in Tokyo, then we continued on and overnighted in Bangkok before a final short flight to Phuket.  We will be here a week, and then 'the girls' will go on to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and I will fly to India for some touring with my friend Sonu.

Marriott's Phuket Beach Club is one of the reasons I wanted to return.  It's probably the nicest Marriott timeshare property anywhere in the world, sharing all amenities with the JW Marriott resort.  It's absolutely stunning, and I'm able to come as a trade for the week I own.  But it's also the perfect weather, uncrowded beaches, and beautiful foliage and flowers that drew me back.  I love the colorful small 'spirit house' shrines you see outside many homes and businesses, and also the serene buddhas and humble monks.  The flavors are some of my favorites, including coconut, lemongrass, curry, mango and lime.  And the biggest draw is the charming people who use their warm smiles often, and bow to you in hands-clasped greeting.


Maria said...

Stunning Glenn. Love it! The Marriott
Phuket looks amazing.Never been to Phuket. Steve and I were in Koh Samui in 1992, can't imagine what it looks like now!
Cheers and safe travels. xomaria

Patti Pietschmann said...

Glenn, glorious as always, what fantastic fotos, looks like you had your usual wonderful time. I forget when you're home?

Patti Pietschmann said...

Should I call you "Your Highness" now of "Sire" or Sir Prince? Looks like you are living like royalty.