Monday, May 27, 2013

LIFE in the Galapagos

I told you that the animals here are like cartoon characters.  None more so than the blue-footed boobie.  Sure, they really do have big blue feet.  But who came up with that name?  Then you watch them, and you are amazed, as they hover high together and go for fish, knifing into the water like synchronized Olympic divers.  And we also saw them do their goofy courtship dance.

Turtles and tortoises just belong in cartoons.  Penguins are both ridiculous and adorable.  How about crabs?  We even saw flamingoes.  And I wish I could show you what’s under the sea, but my camera doesn’t go there.  In one day’s dive I had giant turtles, a flightless cormorant and a sea lion swimming with me, all at the same time.  I was laughing through my snorkel.  And that was a few minutes after I had underwater time with a darting and spinning penguin!

Then there’s the scenery.  It’s all ‘full saturation’ color without my even enhancing photos on my computer.  The black lava coastlines and white sand beaches contrast with blue sky.  Water is the same deep aquamarine blue that you see in the Caribbean.  And green comes in the form of cactus and mangrove and algae.

It isn’t just the active volcanoes here.  This whole place is erupting with life!

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