Thursday, October 26, 2017

And We Build

We pace ourselves, and need to catch our breath at times at 13,000 feet, but we’re getting a lot done.  Five home sites were in various stages when we arrived, including two that were noting but dirt lots. So we’re doing everything from digging foundations and mixing and pouring concrete to tying Rebar supporting metal, building walls of clay block and doing final cleaning of exteriors.  Our team just fits inside a cramped minivan for a one-hour daily commute through chaotic traffic.  Medical aides from the Cruz Roja (Red Cross) are on site, checking our blood pressure and standing at the ready, since we’re working at such high elevation.  But everyone is staying in good health and spirit, laughing a lot, and generally having a fantastic time.  We’re happy to meet homeowner families, and we have a constant companion in a dog named Paloosa.  The weather changes dramatically throughout the day, from blazing sun to a chill with cloud cover, and even a little rain and hail.  And we continue to be amazed when we look up from our work and see the deep blue sky, beautiful billowy clouds and the snow capped Andes Mountains. 

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Spencer Strauss said...

Happy to see your posts, Glenn. Never a doubt that we will always see you living your life to the fullest. Love it!